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      Get Published!


Get in touch with Tony to turn your manuscript into a market-ready novel 

      Get Published! Turn your manuscript into a market-ready novel


You’ve written a book, and you’d like to be published.


Well, Tony’s advice has helped many emerging authors achieve just that, and he can help you too.


With many years of experience in writing, publishing and coaching new authors, his manuscript appraisals regularly turn publishers’ rejections into life-changing approvals.


As both a successful author, and experienced writing tutor, Tony is perfectly placed to offer valuable insight in his manuscript appraisal reports. For a fraction of the cost of leading literary consultancies, Tony’s reports deliver detailed analysis and exactly the recommendations needed to lift your novel off the slush-pile.


In addition to first-class advice from an author who has published with some of the world’s leading publishing houses, Tony regularly reaches out to his industry links, making recommendations to agents and publishers when he thinks a work is a good fit for them.

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      Get Published! Short Report                               £99


Tony supplies the Short Report based on your synopsis and the first and final chapters of your novel.


The first and final chapters are extremely important parts of your novel and a lot can be learned from looking at these elements. The first chapter dictates whether your reader will read on, and the final chapter reveals if all your effort has been a success.


This report assesses your novel’s strengths, weaknesses, and its potential commercial viability, without delving into the detail of the Full Report. Tony is happy to answer one or two follow-up questions, and if you opt to go ahead with a Full Report, he’ll apply a 10% discount.


Length of Short Report: Up to 1,000 words.

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      Get Published! Full Report                                £299


Tony supplies the Full Report based on your synopsis and full manuscript (usually 70-80k words). A detailed chapter map can also be submitted.


The Full Report offers an in-depth assessment of your manuscript, focussing on all areas of importance related to your project’s success in the marketplace. As a commercial author, Tony’s primary focus is always on turning your manuscript into a saleable project for one of the publishing houses.


Over the years, Tony has dealt with many agents, editors and industry professionals and has a sound grasp of their requirements. The Full Report places particular emphasis on cementing your manuscript’s structural foundations and on supplying feedback that you can turn into actionable achievement.


The Full Report aims to provide you with all the information you’ll need to turn your manuscript into a market-ready novel. You can contact Tony with your follow-up questions and he’ll even provide free submissions advice if you’re looking to target an agent or a specific publisher.


Length of Full Report: 2,000-3,000 words min.

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* If you are interested in one-on-one writer mentoring, IRL or online, in the first instance, please message Tony with your requirements.