"Tony Black is my favourite British crime writer."

-Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting


"Powerful, focused, and intense ... and then it gets better. Get your money down early on this young man - he's dead serious and deadly accurate."

-Andrew Vachss, author of Hard Candy


''Tony Black is the Tom Waits of Crime fiction, yes, that good.''  

-Ken Bruen, author of London Boulevard


"This up-and-coming crime writer isn't portraying the Edinburgh in the Visit Scotland tourism ads."

-The Sun


"Comparisons with Rebus will be obvious. But that would be too easy ... Black has put his defiant, kick-ass stamp on his leading man, creating a character that deftly carries the story through every razor-sharp twist and harrowing turn."

-Daily Record


"Taut, with a heart-wrenchingly honest protagonist and impressive literary style, it is among the best of the new Tartan noir, a story told with real poignancy amid the ugliness and fear."

-Daily Mail on Artefacts of the Dead


"A world full of emotion, mystery and suspense. Twisty crime fiction at its best."

-Shortlist on Artefacts of the Dead


"Tony Black was brought up in Scotland and his voice resounds powerful and authentic ... The plot and the writing are slick and assured and unfold like dark clockwork. Black is the veteran of two previous series, respectively featuring D.I. Rob Brennan, and private eye Gus Dury. Valentine is a welcome addition to his palette of troubled but fascinating sleuths."

-Maxim Jakubowski


"Tony Black’s novels are modern masterpieces which bear comparison with the works of notable noir authors such as Hammett and Chandler. ‘Artefacts for the Dead’ is a fantastically dark novel which follows DI Bob Valentine as he struggles to make his way back from injury in the line of duty. Each chapter, page and sentence is crafted with the care of a true artisan as Black tells his story."

-Crime Squad


"Another grim but great whodunnit, set in Ayr, and one for DI Bob Valentine to get to the bottom of. Tony Black's talent for the Scottish noir puts him up there with the best, as any who have read his previous books will testify to. This one in particular is hard to put down."

-The Scots Mag


"Treads the fine line between dramatic license and realism with a sure-footedness close to perfection with often unrelenting violence finessed by surprising emotion and compassion."

-Crime Review


"At the front of the Tartan Noir pack ... a superior offering in an already crowded Scottish crime market."

-The Big Issue


"Black really excels with his depiction of Edinburgh’s low-life scum ... an accomplished and impressive piece of Tartan Noir."

-The List


"An authentic yet unique voice, Tony Black shows why he is leading the pack in British crime fiction today. Atmospherically driven, the taut and sparse prose is as near to the bone you are ever likely to encounter in crime noir. Powerful."

-New York Journal of Books


"With comparisons to the likes of Irvine Welsh and William McIlvanney echoing in his ears, Tony Black has become a top-class author in his own right."

-3AM Magazine


"One of the strongest voices in the UK crime scene at the moment, and it's a voice that gets clearer and more precise with each book. Tony writes with blunt force, creating dark and brutal stories that still manage to crack a gallus smile."

-Do Some Damage


"You want something even more refreshing than a pint or two of the black stuff? Then give Tony Black’s stuff ago."

-Crime Scene Northern Ireland


"The humour amid the pain is brilliant and should have broadminded readers rocking in their chairs … a compelling new crime novelist."



"Sharp pacing and with a wonderful narrative Black delivers a book that can’t be put down and will stick with you after reading. If this were Nascar Black would be holding a lot of checkered flags."



"Tony Black, take a bow. This first-person narrative is a super-charged, testosterone-filled force of nature and I defy anyone not to get caught up in it ... a rollercoaster ride from riveting start to exhilarating finish."

-Crime Squad


"Wonderfully written, tough, edgy, and very dark, but with the odd flash of humour. Tony Black is a brilliant writer."

-Big Beat from Badsville


"This is first-class writing, with the authentic feel of scraped knuckles, battered bodies, damaged minds and the darkness of despair that comes with a tortured soul … Tony Black has been compared with Billingham, Rankin and Kernick, which is praise indeed by anyone’s standards. Personally, going by this book, I think he’s in a league of his own."

-Shots Mag


"Tony Black is already one of my favourite living crime writers."

-Nick Stone, author of Mr Clarinet


"This is pure noir, sublime and dark as a double dram of Loch Dhu."

-Craig McDonald, author of Head Games


"If you haven't read Black, you're missing out on one of the best new voices to emerge from Scotland in the last few years. One of the best new voices to enter the genre, period."

-Russel D. McLean, author of The Lost Sister


"Black writes about urban blight and the curse of alcohol like no other, but his down at heel tales are also full of everyday humour. Harrowing but indispensable."

-Maxim Jakubowski


"Black is the new noir."

-Allan Guthrie, author of Two-Way Split


"His Father's Son is an emotional story fraught with believable characters, a finely woven plot, and a mesh of two cultures expertly revealed."

-Heart of Fiction


"This is such a beautifully written story – the characters and the settings come to life and the ups and downs of daily life and those things that can haunt us are brilliantly imagined but oh so realistic."

-Liz Loves Books


"Murder Mile is not only a tight, well written and thought provoking hunt for a serial killer but it is also a novel that shows you the dark side of Edinburgh ... a well-paced police procedural that has a twist to the end that will leave you astonished at the ingenuity of it."  

-Shots Mag



"Tony Black is one of those excellent perpetrators of Scottish noir ... a compelling and convincing portrayer of raw emotions in a vicious milieu."

-The Times


"If you're a fan of the Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Irvine Welsh this is most certainly one for you."

-The Scotsman


"Black renders his nicotine-stained domain in a hardboiled slang that fizzles with vicious verisimilitude."

-The Guardian


''Ripping, gutsy prose and a witty wreck of a protagonist makes this another exceptionally compelling, bright and even original thriller.''  

-The Mirror


"Tony Black is the kind of author who makes Irvine Welsh look benign, which is a considerable achievement."

-The Scottish Review of Books


"A high-class read from a first-class author whose place at the top table of British crime fiction is already most firmly assured."

-Paul Sayer, Whitbread-winning author


"Dark. Relentless. Harrowing. Set in the shadows of evil, it's a gripping tome that's as chilling as the waves that lap Ayr's shore in the dead of night." --Daily Record on Artefacts of the Dead


"A beautiful, powerful tale to move the hardest heart."

-The Sun on His Father's Son


"Black put his heart and soul into this, and the very personal, cathartic nature of the novel makes it a hard one to put down."

-The Herald on His Father's Son


"The book is set in the late 1970s but the language is a timeless [Irish] brogue that seeps out of the dialogue and internal monologues to colour the narrative emerald green."

-The Guardian on His Father's Son


"Black does such an excellent job of showing the tigers in the wild and making them seem real, important and wonderfully strange ... It's a pretty impressive recreation of an animal we know very little about."

-The Guardian on The Last Tiger


"A rare and heartfelt fable of an immigrant boy torn between his fears for an endangered species and the father who's employed to kill off what remains of that breed."

- aul Sayer, Whitbread-winning author on The Last Tiger


"A real departure from the dark arts of crime fiction but a successful one as it creates a genuinely engaging picture of strangers in a strange land, as well as carving a haunting space between historical reality and timeless fable."

-Nick Barlay, Granta 'Best of Young British Novelists'


"In this, his next book, Tony Black demonstrates what a talented and versatile writer he is ... His prose is at times spare and at times poetic as Tony delivers up a fascinating and moving novel."

-Michael Malone, author of The Guillotine Choice


"This book is extraordinary. A bold story and an absolute treat."



"Striking, wildcard originality."

-Sydney Morning Herald


"What an absolutely amazing and fascinating tale this was – beautifully written, absolutely captivating and with an emotional resonance that will stick with me forever.'"

-Liz Loves Books


"Very well executed ... Delivered with insight, this tale of society’s outsiders is poignant and moving."

-The Big Issue


"The Last Tiger is Tony Black's most brilliant and resonant novel so far."

-Barry Graham, Winner of the American Library Association book of the year


"Unexpected, moving and magical. A new direction for Tony Black, and a bold one too."

-International bestseller, Emlyn Rees


"The Last Tiger is beautifully told - the nearest a novel could come to poetry."

-Goodreads, five-star review


"The Last Tiger will bruise your heart and prowl in your mind. A lyrical, mystical masterpiece."

-Creative Novocaine


"Beautifully written, threaded through with poignant humour and cross-generational angst, Black gets to the beating heart of what makes families tick and the burdens and baggage they inherit."

-Lancashire Evening Post on His Father's Son


"Heartfelt and incredibly moving, the sins of the fathers are confronted in a narrative that seethes with raw, blistering emotions."

-The Daily Record on His Father's Son


"This is a tale of father and son, man and wife, and how a journey to be reunited can mean rediscovering part of yourself that was buried long ago – and Black tells it perfectly."

-Scotland on Sunday on His Father's Son


"A thought-provoking novel about family and roots ... always compelling and deftly draws the reader into the world of childhood and its life-long impact."

-The Press & Journal on His Father's Son


"This is no ordinary police procedural, folks. This is for those discerning readers who want more than a puzzle, it’s for those readers who want their intellect nudged while they plunge headlong into the whodunit. Murder Mile is a hugely satisfying read on all levels and comes highly recommended."

- Crime Squad


"What makes this book from Tony a wonderful read is his tight prose, solid arc and when backed with a character that is fully fleshed that feels like a familiar friend after a short time, makes this a title that is not only hard to put down but nigh impossible."

-Falcata Times


"Although Black's creation walks the same beat as Ian Rankin's DI Rebus, this representation of Edinburgh is much grittier and desolate ... a superior crime read."

- Hull Daily Mail


"Tony Black is a very skilled writer who can depict the grim, darker aspects of life with realism and yet still be highly readable."

-Euro Crime


"Every flaw is stripped of shadow and every bad deed gets punished. If I read a better example of the police procedural this year I will be amazed."

-Crime Squad


"Scottish noir at it's absolute and utter best, Truth Lies Bleeding is a rollercoaster of the personal and professional, dark and light, desperation and determination."

-Aust Crime


"His Father’s Son is a very powerful novel that is thoughtfully written, with so much emotion and rich in detail. It is a compelling read and one that I would definitely recommend."

-Reading in the Sunshine


"His Father's Son is a a breathtakingly beautiful read.  It is Irish to the core, depicting the culture of 1970s Ireland perfectly with eloquent phrasing and wonderful characters."

-Random Things Through My Letterbox 


"It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect."

-The Book Boy on His Father's Son